Information for Teens

Get Your Driver’s License Quickly with First Pass Driving School

First Pass Driving School can help you to learn to drive and get your driver’s license. We know how teens learn to drive because we have taught teens to drive and helped them pass their driver’s test. We pick you up at home or school for a 90 minute private driving lesson, take you on the highway and in traffic, provide good driving tips along the way. Our instructors teach safe driving while you gain valuable road experience, and we will also teach you how to parallel park. First Pass driving instructors are teachers. We customize each lesson to what you need to learn and do it in a fun, interactive way. We help you relax and focus on good driving principles. We help you pass your driver’s test and can take you to practice at the Pennsylvania driver test center so you know what to expect for your test. If requested we will accompany you on the day of your test. 

With six (6) hours of driving lessons along with our online driver’s education course, you may save on insurance, too.

The benefits of lessons from First Pass Driving School:

  • Get your driver’s license quickly
  • Teach you how to parallel park

First Pass Driving School®