Information for Parents

Professional, Safe Driving Lessons for Your Teen, Save Money on Insurance

Have success with First Pass Driving School experienced professionals
 many drivers have learned to drive and successfully passed their driver’s license test using First Pass Driving School. Drivers have benefited from using First Pass Driving School’s professional, experienced instructors. First Pass prides themselves on professional teaching teens and adults to drive. First Pass Driving School is a Pennsylvania Department of Education certified driving school and all First Pass instructors are Pennsylvania State certified. 

Shawn Gibbons (owner) describes his driving school’s approach, “We provide expert, professional instruction customized to meet the needs of teens and adults to ensure that all our student drivers learn; safe driving skills, driving rules, safe practices, drive defensively, and pass their driver’s tests. Our dual-controlled vehicles provide safety during driving lessons.”

First Pass Driving School Lessons Feature

  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Private Instruction
  • Day of the Driver’s Exam (practice parallel parking)

Let First Pass Driving Pros Teach Your Teen!

Save Money on Insurance

Saving money is important, especially on car insurance. Completing six (6) hours of professional driving lessons from First Pass Driving School may make you eligible for a discount on your car insurance. Completing First Pass Driving School’s online driver’s education course can help with additional discounts. Typically, car insurance savings covers the cost of driving instruction. Contact your insurance provider for details.

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