Why choose First Pass Driving School

Our school offers professional staff and service second to none. Our staff is Pennsylvania certified in Driver’s Education and has years teaching Driver’s Education in the public school system. The training vehicle is the 2021 Subaru Impreza.

The new Subaru Impreza was purchased at Subaru of Wyoming Valley, Plains. Thanks to the staff at Subaru of Wyoming Valley for making my new purchase flawless.



“Driving with the instructor beforehand helped me get a comfortable enough experience to where I was not nervous during the road test”


“Everything was good!  Instructions were given so I could understand.”


“I have used other driving schools, but you are the only one that helped me become a better driver! Thank you Shawn!”


“I did not feel comfortable taking my driving test until I was finished taking lessons with First Pass Driving School. It was the best investment I ever made!”


“Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it Shawn! I passed on the first try!”



“Shawn is an excellent driving teacher who utilizes his social skills and driving experience to create a safe and friendly environment for new drivers”


“Never in a million years did I think this time would come but with the help of First Pass Driving School I got a lot of confidence in my driving especially with parallel parking.”


“Thank you so much! Smooth and Successful from the very first lesson. Thanks a ton. 5.5 Stars ++!”



“Explaining what you didn’t understand, even if it was repetitive. His patience with everything really helped me understand driving more.”


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and knew what he was talking about. Provided excellent driving tips, they helped me pass first try!”


“The instructor identified her weaknesses and helped her strengthen them.  The results of the school and thorough training it provided, were evident when she passed the test on the first try.”


“Thank you for teaching me how to drive. I passed on my first try!”




“The procedures for parallel parking were awesome!”



“The driving instructor was terrific! He was patient and explained the procedures to me so I could be successful during our driving lessons. Highly recommended! If you want high energy and a knowledgeable instructor First Pass Driving School is where to do.”



“The instructor was flexible and the driving tips he gave me where invaluable.  I felt very confident in taking my test and passed on the first time!”


Kyle N

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and the communication between student/parents and the instructor was impeccable. The instructor was always on time and courteous.”



Mike C 2

“Excellent drivers education teacher and totally professional. The instructor was patient and explained everything in a way that made me comfortable with my driving skills.”


Jake R

“The instruct was flexible to work around our schedule. He taught objectively (much better than the parents) and gave useful feedback both during and after the lessons.”


Thomas W

“The driving instructor was very knowledgeable and gave valuable tips and information needed. He answered any questions my son had concerning driving no question was left unanswered. The instructor gave my son the confidence he needed to feel safe behind the wheel.”


Joey L

“I am so glad we choose First Pass Driving School for our son. So may good things, they remember the little things that would be easily forgotten if we taught him. After every  lesson he would go over what our son needed to work on for the next lesson. Highly recommended to anyone!”


Nate S

“So many safe driving skills were taught it’s tough to explain. Looking over your right and left shoulder before changing lanes/merging into traffic is used every time I drive. Breaking early when approaching a traffic signal that has turned red so you come to a smooth stop.”


Sarah E

“The instructor was patient and explained the driving procedures to my daughter so she could understand. We could not have done it without the expertise from First Pass Driving School!”



“Excellent driving instructor. Shawn is very knowledgeable about all the rules of driving and taught my son everything he needed to know in order to pass his driving test the first time he took it. He always showed up on time for my son’s lessons and kept him out for the entire hour and a half.”



“The instructor knew  what he was talking about with driving procedures. They were explained clearly and made it easy for me to understand. I felt confident while I was out driving and after each lesson.”



“The instructor emphasized signaling your intentions early when making a turn and looking both ways when proceeding through the intersection. The patience you showed when teaching my son to parallel park gave him the confidence he needed.”


First Pass Driving School®